Transylvanian killer bear caught on video

3 months ago

A bear that killed a man near the Transylvanian village of Kőrispatak/Crișeni was caught on video on the scene of the killing by Attila Fazakas, president of the Hubertus Hunters Association.

“I have been a hunter for forty years and director for 22, but I have never seen such an enraged and aggressive bear”, Fazakas told news portal Székelyhon . The bear killed a 35-year-old man last Friday and the hunting association asked for permission to kill the bear, but the Hargita/Harghita county Environmental Protection Agency said it wanted to observe the behavior of the bear before granting the permission.

Fazakas said he went to where the accident happened last week and managed to record a short clip before being forced to flee by the attacking bear.

According to local police, the victim was both inebriated at the time of his death and the bear – with cubs – only attacked him after the man threw some branches at its lair and having gotten no reaction, approached the lair.

Fazakas said that the environmental agency shouldn’t delay issuing the authorization.

“We previously thought along the lines and hunter ethics – this is a mother bear we don’t kill easily, but after consulting with specialists we concluded it is the only solution”, he said. “If that bear meets a man again, it will certainly end in a tragedy.”

Title image is an illustration – the actual bear can be seen in the video above.