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The ten wealthiest Hungarians in Romania

5 months ago

This list is based on the Top 300 wealthiest Romanians published by Romanian business magazine Capital. The full list is only available in book form. The list has the following format: Name (age) – wealth in million euros.

1) Zoltán Teszári (48) 600-620 million

The only Hungarian to play in the big leagues, he is third on the overall Romanian list. Elusive and media-shy, his last public appearance was at a 2002 business gala where he received the “Promise of the year” award for young entrepreneurs. A former martial artist, part of the national judo team. He began his career by manufacturing wafer and ice cream powder but his big breakthrough was founding Romanian telecoms firm RCS & RDS which last year posted a net profit of EUR 61.7 million.

2) The Mudura family – 95-100 million

The founder of the wealth, Sándor Mudura senior, who died four years ago, came back from Germany and began his business career importing sweets. The current real estate business of the family is ran by Sándor Mudura junior.

3) Miklós Pálfi (60) – 70-72 million

Owner of the leading Romanian Romaqua mineral water and soft drinks company that last year posted a net profit of EUR 15.5 million.

4) István Gadola (65) – 40-42 million

One of the founders of Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca based electric utility company Energobit, he recently also began investing in real estate in Kolozsvár.

5) Árpád Pászkány (47) – 35-37 million

He began his business career importing cosmetics and has stakes in several ventures, but is probably best known as the former owner of the CFR Kololzsvár football team (and at one point accused of misusing team funds).

6) Levente Bara (42) – 30-32 million

He was and is active in food manufacturing, catering, online trade and real estate.

7) Ferenc Korponay (51) – 27-30 million

Owner of veterinary medicine supplier Maravet, in which U.S.-based pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicine distributor Henry Schein Inc. bought a controlling stake in 2015.

8) Pál Péter (66) – 25-27 million

Another founder of Energobit, he is also active in real estate and has a stake Paprika Rádió in Kolozsvár.

9) The Szász brothers – 23-25 million

Brothers Orlando and Ronald Szász are the founders of work safety equipment distributor Renania, also present in three other neighboring countries.

10) The Pál family 23-25 million

Melinda and Dénes Pál are the founders of building supplier firm Melinda Impex, later split into Melinda Steel (steel products) and Melinda Instal (building engineering and sanitary equipment).


The wealthiest Romanian is former tennis player, manager and bank owner Ion Țiriac (79) with an estimated fortune of EUR 1.9 billion.