Runaway tram in Temesvár hits car, tram, injures two people

3 months ago

A driverless tram in Temesvár/Timișoara rolled several hundred meters, hit a car and eventually rammed into another tram, injuring two people, new portal Timis online reports.

The tram stopped due to a power outage and the female driver got out to check what was happening, but left the tram controls in the drive position. While she was not on board, power was restored and the tram took off, running the length of two stations and hitting a car  before ramming into another tram ahead of it. The driver  of the tram aged 38 and a passenger aged 47 were injured and taken to hospital for treatment.

This was the second accident of this type in just a few years. The previous one happened in February 2016. That accident happened because the driver lost conscience due to an illness and fell out the open door of the tram. Neither him nor any passengers were injured and tram – after running two red lights with the passengers screaming for help – stopped as it hit a slope.


Title image: Temes county traffic info.