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Romanian business leaders cry out for motorway

2 months ago

The Romanian who built a one-meter stretch of motorway in protest of successive governments’ failure to build any in his native Moldova region is again taking matters into his own hands. At a summit of Romanian business leaders this morning he convinced the participants to shout “me too!” at full blast.

At the meeting, he asked the audience that anyone who agrees with his demand, should say “me too”. After an initial lukewarm response from the room, he kept them repeating it until everyone was screaming it at full voice.

#şîeu sau impulsul de care avea nevoie țara asta. În dimineața de miercuri, la summitul Romanian Business Leaders, antreprenorul Stefan Mandachi le-a transmis oamenilor de afaceri din cele mai importante companii din România să-şi depăşeasca frica şi să-şi ceară drepturile. Priviți reacția sălii:

Publicată de Florin Negruţiu pe Miercuri, 13 martie 2019

Ștefan Mandachi (33), who owns a series of restaurant franchises, the biggest one comprised of 40 Greek-style fast food eateries, has also issued a challenge last week. On March 15 at 15:00 hours he will close all his businesses across the country in protest for the lack of motorways and asked everyone willing to join his protest to challenge three other businesspeople to do so. He challenged Ion Țiriac, Gigi Becali and Viorel Cataramă, three of the county’s richest businessmen to do the same.

Moldova – a historic Romanian region neighboring the Republic of Moldova and the Ukraine on the east – has an area of 35,806 square kilometers, falling in size between the U.S. state of Maryland and Netherlands in Europe, but does not have any motorways. Except, that is, the single meter – complete with foundation, asphalt top, markings and road signs – built by Mandachi.

Title image: Facebook video of the Romanian Business Leaders meeting by Florin Negruţiu