Romania pays teachers EUR 147 mln interest for cancelled pay rise

3 months ago

The Romanian budget will pay teachers RON 700 million (EUR 147 mln) interests on a cancelled 2008 pay rise of 50 percent, educational portal writes.

In 2008, Romanian parliament passed Law 221/2008 giving teachers a 50% pay rise, but with the onset of the global financial and economic crisis the subsequent government decided to cancel the pay rise. Teachers then turned to courts individually and in groups and the number of court verdicts eventually forced the government in 2010 to implement the pay rise in the following five years in five installments. But teachers still weren’t satisfied: they then proceeded to sue the state for interests for the lost wages and again won almost every case.

Now education minister Ecaterina Adronescu said the government passed an emergency decree to pay all interests resulting from court verdicts up to the end of 2018. She said this amounts to RON 500 million for school teachers and about RON 200 to 250 million for university teachers and assured that the budget has the required amount and the interests will be paid.