Romania mulls legalizing medical marijuana – finance minister

3 months ago

The Romanian Ministry of Health is considering to legalize the medical use of cannabis, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici announced.

“I have talked to (health) minister Sorina Pintea and found out that a commission is meeting at the Health Ministry to analyze and debate the issue of legalizing cannabis for medical use, for those diagnosed with certain medical conditions, especially terminal cancer. There is a medical argument for this type of legalization,” Teodorovici said.

Teodorovici added that medical marijuana “is already a common European practice and the reason is that terminal patients can probably use it as a way to ease their suffering.”

Asked whether cannabis could also be legalized for recreational use, Teodorovici said that it was too early for him to say. “We always consider what’s being done in other countries, there are practices that have certain advantages. Many in Romania see more disadvantages, and not just on this topic,” he said.