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EU funds free WiFi in seven Kolozs/Cluj county localities

Körösfő/Izvorul Crisului, Egeres/Aghires,Tordaszentmihály/Mihai Viteazu, Tordaszentlászló/Savadisla, Várfalva/Moldovenesti, Zsuk/Jucu and Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca have won the financing in the framework of the WiFi4EU program for the establishment of free WiFi hotspots on public squares. In the framework of the WiFi4EU program the European Union offers a voucher of EUR 15,000 ($17,134) for each municipality to build up an internet access point on the scenes of public life: libraries, museums, parks and on public squares.

On its total territory, the European Union approved of 42 million euros for 2,800 localities. The costs of the maintenance of the networks are supported by the localities. The networks financed in the framework of WiFi4EU will be free and exempt of advertisements and will not gather personal data from their users.

“Through this European program the citizens of several localities with Hungarian inhabitants will get free access to the internet on certain public squares. Thus municipalities also can utilize the possibilities of digitization as besides the free WiFi, these networks can also be used as a means of communication.

This is a necessary condition of the modernization of the localities, that opens up further possibilities for the local communities, for the businesses and also for tourism. The target of the initiative is also very welcome: to give access to free internet on the total territory of the European Union, and also the incentive of investments in such digital networks, that the localities need. The greatest beneficiaries of the EU adherence are the youth. This generation travels, studies and works freely on the territory of the Union. Our task is to provide the youth a home that is worth living in and returning to. This has to be achieved for and together with them”, said Kolozs/Cluj county councilor Endre Szőcs.